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Massive Restaurants


The Prince of Indian Cuisine, Zorawar Kalra founded Massive Restaurants in 2012 with the aim to deliver the finest culinary experiences to its patrons in the most chic ambience. Mentored by the illustrious Jiggs Kalra, Massive Restaurants has since then, been taking gourmet Indian cuisine to the world. The brand currently has 3 immensely popular brand verticals, viz. Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra (signature Indian fine dine), Made in Punjab (smart, casual dining) and Farzi Café (modern Indian bistro). With the launch of Pa Pa Ya, Massive Restaurants is all set to reinvent Asian cuisine for the world. To make Indian sweets contemporary and relevant again in modern India, The Signature by Jiggs Kalra will change the way Indian confectionery is seen, made and consumed. Taking India’s rich gourmet heritage to the world with smart innovations, Massive Restaurants is redefining Indian cuisine like never before.