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The United Sports Bar and Grill


The United Sports Bar and Grill is beyond just a sports bar. It’s a versatile watering hole where you can have a drink, catch up with friends, have a good meal and generally unwind. There are giant screens that help you make the most of a game night. The vibrant food and drinks menu ensures that there’s never a dearth of options to choose from. The lively environment warrants that you’re always in good company. And the well-trained staff will make sure you are always comfortable. At United, the focus is firmly on an exciting experience. Whether it’s a game night or just another weeknight, there are always exciting offers, great vibes and swooning music to lighten up the mood. In cities that are constantly craving for spaces where one can unwind after a long day, United is a versatile, much-needed modern hangout place. No matter whom you choose to celebrate a meal with, United is where you want to be for a good time!